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Turbo Blower

Turbo Blower

Turbo blower is high efficiency, super energy saving,no oil, low energy consumption,variable frequency and wide range.


Core advantages of Air foil Blower

1. High efficiency and super energy saving: the air foil centrifugal blower adopts air foil bearing and high-speed permanent magnet motor direct drive structure, and the transmission efficiency reaches 100%; The impeller adopts hydrodynamic three-dimensional flow design to ensure the highest aerodynamic efficiency, which can save energy by 30% ~ 50% compared with the traditional Roots blower;

2. No oil, low energy consumption: the air foil blower adopts air foil bearing technology, and the whole system runs without friction, low energy consumption, no lubricating oil and no maintenance;

3. Low noise and small size: the noise only comes from the friction sound between the medium and the pipe wall when flowing, and the equipment itself basically does not produce noise, with an average noise of < 80 decibels; The volume is about 50% smaller than the roots blower of the same specification, and the installation is convenient and simple;

4. Variable frequency and wide range: the variable frequency range is 45~100% when the equipment is running, and the application range is wide;

5. Cloud service, easy operation: Cloud service tracks customer terminals, and is modular in design, making maintenance convenient and quick.

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Functional Characteristics

*energy conservation 

-Compared with similar blowers, it can save up to 45% of energy

-Get efficient equipment certification

*Low maintenance cost

-Non-lubricated air bearing

-Just replace the air filter

*No vibration

-Magnetic foil bearing allows vibration-free operation

-Equipment of 75-80dB does not need sound insulation device

*Compact size

Our turbo blower is only one third the size of Roots blower

*Simple maintenance

*Low noise and vibration

*Convenient remote control

*Plug and play, simple installation method



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